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Our Robust Equipment Ensures Safe, Efficient Solutions for Industrial Cleaning, Excavation, and Material Transfer.

Air Movers and Hydrovac Services in Texas

Houston Industrial Services offers premier air movers and hydrovac truck services throughout Texas. Our powerful air movers and hydrovac units provide safe, efficient solutions for cleaning, excavating, and transferring materials on industrial sites. Trust our expert teams to get your job done right with our fleet of well-maintained equipment.

About Our Air Movers

Our industrial-grade air movers deliver high-powered air flow to quickly dry floors, equipment, and work areas. Often used after water damage or flooding, these gas-powered units can displace large volumes of water and accelerate drying times. We offer air movers in various sizes to match your needs, along with climate control accessories like dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. Our technicians are trained to strategically position air movers to optimize air flow.

About Our Hydrovac Trucks

Houston Industrial Services operates advanced hydrovac trucks that combine pressurized water and powerful suction to safely excavate and transfer solid materials and liquids. Our hydrovac services are useful for non-destructive digging, industrial cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning, drilling mud recovery, and other applications. With precise control and variable pressure levels, our hydrovac trucks can excavate close to existing utilities without damage. We also efficiently vacuum liquids, sludge, and dangerous materials.

Safety and Compliance is Our Top Priority

All of our air mover and hydrovac services strictly follow federal and state safety regulations. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to operate air movers and hydrovac trucks. We maintain our equipment according to manufacturers' standards to prevent hazards. Your safety is our top concern.

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