Ensuring Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency through Confined Space Expertise

Expert Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Here at Houston Industrial Services, we specialize in cleaning and maintaining tanks of all sizes using confined space entry techniques. Cleaning and maintaining storage tanks is essential for safety, compliance, and optimizing operations. However, it can also be a dangerous process due to the confined nature of tank spaces.

We offer a team of highly trained professionals who are certified in confined space entry and cleaning processes. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our technicians as well as the integrity of your tanks. Trust us to get the job done right.

Tank Cleaning Solutions for Safety and Efficiency

Houston Industrial Services offers top-tier tank cleaning services, combining manpower and advanced equipment for efficient results. From manual cleaning to gas-free certification, our certified personnel prioritize safety, surface protection, and thorough waste disposal. Choose us for excellence in tank maintenance and longevity.

specialized cleaning equipment

- Manual scrubbing, vacuuming, mucking, scraping, decontamination etc
- Use of vacuum trucks, tank washing equipment, high pressure jetting and more

Contaminant cleaning and decontamination

- Removal of built up oil, chemicals, grease etc
- Cleaning for gas-free certification
-Waste disposal services

Ventilation and atmosphere monitoring

- Purging and continuous atmosphere monitoring
- Ventilating tanks prior to entry

Protecting the interior surfaces of tanks

- Rubber padding for equipment
- Careful cleaning methods to avoid damag

Fully certified personnel

- Confined space certified and trained
- Equipped with latest safety gear and breathing equipment
- Rescue trained

Detailed cleaning reporting

- Documenting before and after condition
- Reporting on repairs needed

For your confined space tank cleaning needs, trust the experts at Houston Industrial Services. Contact us today to learn more and get a customized quote.